• Container ship
  • Machinery transportation
  • Transport of skid mounted package


Commercial Container Cargo

Whether you are looking to move a 20′ container domestically within the United States, a 45′ container halfway around the World or anything in-between, I.C.E. Transport can help you…read more about Commercial Container Cargo here.

Personal Effects

While the process of shipping personal effects is similar to that required for commercial cargo, we know that it’s not an everyday occurrence for individuals or families…read more about Shipping Personal Effects here.

Over-sized Cargo

Over-sized cargo are items that are too large to fit into a standard shipping container…read more about Over-sized Cargo here.

Heavyweight Cargo

Heavyweight cargo are items that are too heavy to be legally moved over the road without the use of specialized trucks, trailers, and permits…read more about Heavyweight Cargo here.

Other Services

I.C.E. Transport provides a range of ancillary services…read more about our Other Services here.