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  • Machinery transportation
  • Transport of skid mounted package

Personal Effects

While the process of shipping personal effects is similar to that required for commercial container cargo, we know that it’s not an everyday occurrence for the individuals or families involved.  To help make your move as smooth as possible, we’ve created an educational process where we explain to each and every client all the steps involved.  Whether you are shipping furniture, clothing, tools, landscaping equipment or the family car, we’re with you every step of the shipping process.


Import and Export of Personal Effects

We help families to ship their personal effects from North America out to an international location OR from overseas into North America.  We prepare all the necessary shipping documentation, organize pick-up, arrange the ocean freight and then handle everything until the shipment reaches its final destination.  When all personal effects rules at the country of destination are fulfilled, there will be no import duties or taxes to be paid, therefore potentially saving you hundreds of dollars when compared to shipping the items as commercial cargo.

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