• Container ship
  • Machinery transportation
  • Transport of skid mounted package

Over-Sized cargo

Over-sized cargo consists of items that are too large to fit into a standard shipping container.  Examples could include machinery or motorized equipment such as farm or heavy earth moving equipment as shown here.



Special handling for over-sized cargo

Over-sized cargo requires specialized handling all the way from origin to destination.  I.C.E. Transport knows all the restrictions and regulations covering over-sized cargo and secures all the required permits, specialized transportation equipment and prepares shipping documentation on your behalf.  Pricing for over-sized cargo is based on either weight or volume, depending on the material being transported.

If your over-sized cargo has specific packaging requirements for transport, we are glad to assist you with services such as crating, tarping, shrink wrapping, cargo securing, etc.  This ensures that your shipment can be safely handled by forklifts or cranes and will be protected against the elements.

Over-sized cargo that is also heavyweight is subject to another set of protocols.  Refer to our Heavyweight Cargo page for more details.

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